Bajaj Motorcycle Prices.

Bajaj motorcycle are manufactured in India and exported to more than 70 countries in the world. Their earlier models were made with the Japanese technology. Now they have new ventures with KTM motorbikes and English Triumph motorcycles to produce those motorcycles in India. Bajaj motorcycles and three wheels are very popular in Sri Lanka for their price, power and performance. Bajaj genuine spare parts are available all over Sri Lanka. There is no waiting for the parts of Bajaj motorcycles and three wheels. Lot of Bajaj motorcycle can be seen on the Sri Lanka roads. These bikes are backed with service, maintenance and supply of spare parts. There is lot of registered service centers available for the Bajaj motorcycles. They are available with engines from 100 cc up to 400 cc. Some of the models are available with twin disc brakes. Bajaj motorcycles can be bought with full cash payment or with assistance of Finance companies. Government workers have the option for to get special discount price on Bajaj motorcycles. Most of the Bajaj Bikes are street bikes and some are cruise models. Bajaj Bikes are sold here with 2 years or 30,000 Km Warranty and it will be valid as whichever comes first.


Bajaj Bike Price. Special Offer For 2018.

To celebrate the 25th year Anniversary of the Bajaj Dealer in Sri Lanka, following motorbike prices are slashed by Rs 20,000/- from their price. For more information contact them.
Bajaj Discover 125 Price Rs 272,950/-
Pulsar NS 160 Price Rs 374,950/-
Bajaj Pulsar 180 Price Rs 390,950/-
Pulsar 150 Price Rs 329,950/-
Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 Price Rs 439,950/-

Bajaj Bike Prices in Sri Lanka 2019.

Dominar 400 More
Sri Lanka: LKR 990,000/-
India : ₹ 163,000
Avenger Street 150 More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 361,900/-
Avenger 180 : LKR 414,950/-
Cruise 220: LKR 649,950/-

Avenger Street 150
Bajaj V 12 More
Sri Lanka : LKR 277,900/-
India : ₹ 71,000
Bajaj V 12
Bajaj V 15 More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 288,000/-
V 12 LKR. 277,900/-
India : ₹ 60,000
Bajaj V 15
Platina 100
Electric start : LKR. 239,950
Kick Start: LKR 219,000 /-
Platina 100 ES
Boxer 100
Sri Lanka : LKR. 192,950/-

Bajaj Boxer 100cc

CT 100 More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 209,950/-
Elect/Start;LKR 229,950/-
CT 100


Bajaj Pulsar Models

Pulsar RS 200 More
Sri Lanka : LKR.611,950/-
Pulsar 200 RS
Pulsar 180 UG 4
Sri Lanka : LKR. 384,500/-Pulsar 180 UG 4
Pulsar 200 NS More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 459,950/- Pulsar 200 NS
Pulsar 180F More.

Sri Lanka :Rs. 410,950/- Bajaj Pulsar 180 Dual Disk
Pulsar 160 Disc NS More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 394,950/-
Pulsar 160 NS
Pulsar 160 NS Dual Disc More
Sri lanka LKR 413,950/-
Pulsar 160 NS
Pulsar 150 Twin Disc More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 372,950/-Pulsar 150 Twin Disc
Pulsar 150 AS More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 322,000/-
Pulsar 150 AS
Pulsar 150 UG 4.5
Sri Lanka : LKR. 349,950/-Pulsar 150 UG 4.5

Pulsar 150

Sri Lanka : LKR. 360,950/-
Pulsar 150 NS

Pulsar 135 LS More

Sri Lanka : LKR. 307,950/-
Pulsar 135 LS

Pulsar NS150 More

Sri Lanka : LKR. n/a
Pulsar 150 NS

Bajaj Discover Bikes.

Discover 150
Sri Lanka : LKR. 232,200/-Discover 150
Discover 125 More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 292,950/-Discover 125 M
Discover 110 DRL More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 258,950/-Discover 100
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