Hero Electric Scooters.

10:35 AM 6/12/2020

Hero Electric

Hero Electric Scooter Price
Price Range in India:
INR 37,000/- INR 150,000/-+

Hero Electric Scooters are produced in India and it is marketed in India through its dealers. The company's success is using of the more powerful Lithium-ion Batteries. It needs around 4-5 hours of time to charge fully and it can go on 100km distance with that charge. The model is provided with drum brakes. There is a digital console to check the latest data on battery charge and the distance. Some of the model may not require registration or rider license. But we insist you to have them all as many police officers don't have much idea about these Electric Motorbikes and Scooters. The scooter is manufactures to meet the choices of the users. Their prices start from 37,000/- per unit and a perfect Electric Scooter will cost as much as INR 150,000/-. Visit the nearest Hero dealer and find a suitable one at affordable price.

Motor Power: 600 - 1300 W
Charging Time: 4-5 Hours
Front Brake: Drum
Rear Brake: Drum
Body Type: Electric Bikes
ABS: Not available.
Braking Type: Combined Braking System
Charging Point: No
Mobile Connectivity: Not provided
Speedometer: Digital

Hero Electric Scooters in India.

There are many more models available from Hero Electric in India as High speed and Low speed models..
Currently 14 Hero Electric two wheeelers are avilable from their dealars all over India.
Hero Electric two wheelers Models available in India.
In this year 2019 and coming year 2020, Hero Electric ompany is expected to launch 4 of its new models in India.

Hero Electric Price List.

  • Hero Electric Flash Price: INR 37,078/-
  • Photon Price: INR 85,541/-
  • Optima Price: INR 41,770/-+
  • Dash Price: INR 62,000/-
  • AE-29 Price: INR 85,000/- - INR 90,000/-
  • AE 47 Price; INR 125,000/- - 150,000/-
  • NYX Pice: INR 59,590/-

Hero Electric Scooters

Hero Electric Scootclass="img-responsive"ers video.
Prices may change without notice.

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