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Motorbike Cables.

7:30 AM 2/26/2024

Suzuki GSXR

Motorbike cables and Scooter Cables need regular maintenance by its owner to get trouble free riding. Moreover not all the latest motorcycles and scooters are coming with accelerator cables. For example many of the latest large motorcycles are using the “Ride by Wire” (RBW) system to operate the throttle. Here the accelerator is controlled through the sensors and computer to increase or decrease the amount of fuel to the engine. Larger motorcycles also don't need to use the clutch cables every time as they are provided with Slipper Clutch for changing gears. Smaller motorcycles like Honda Super Cub and smaller Scooters don't have clutch cables. Most of the scooters are coming with automatic clutch system. So they too don't have clutch cables. Currently Two Wheeler cable prices in Sri Lanka had gone up due to stronger US Dollar value against Sri Lanka Rupees.

Motorcycles and Scooters used to have accelerator, clutch, Speedo meter cables and front drum brake cable in their operating system. They are fitted from the handle bar through their levers. Meanwhile the seat lock releasing cable can be located under the seat. The accelerator cable is connected to the throttle needle of the carburetor from the right side of the handle bar. The clutch cable is connected to the clutch plate system from the clutch lever fitted on the Left handle bar. Likewise the front drum brake is too connected through the cable, if the model is fitted with front drum brake. All these cables are manufactured in standard length and you don't need to cut their lengths. So when you are going to replace them, you must provide the brand and the model name of the motorcycle and the part number to get the correct size cable.

These motorbike cables are made of steel wires and placed in a durable plastic tube with both ends fitted with safety balls locks. On one side with the pull ring and the other side including the seat lock releasing system. Keeping your motorcycle idle for long time may end up with rusty cables. When you try to start the engine after long time your accelerator will not respond normally. It will malfunction due to the accumulated rust inside of the cable.

Motorbike cables used to play important role in the control of the engine, speed, braking system and to get information through Speedo meter. So you too must inspect these cables regularly. Whenever you are visiting your mechanic make sure that he is lubricating them for smooth operation. Otherwise dust and rust will accumulate between the cable and the rubber hose, and you will feel hard to move them. Some time the cables may become very sticky and you will have to use more power, when you are riding motorcycle. Even some people had problem with the speed as the accelerator cable didn't go back to its normal position due to rust formed between the hose and the cable. These kinds of problems occur to the people, who used to live near to sea side or used to travel by it. When the cables are becoming sticky or tight, it is necessary to clean and lubricate them with regular intervals for smooth operation of your motorcycle. Otherwise replace that cable with a new one.

Motorbike Clutch Cables.

Most of the time these clutch cables used to get tougher and they become more difficult to move when compared to the newly installed cables. So they need more lubrication than the accelerator cable and the front drum brake cables on any of the motorbikes. First you must try to lose the accumulated rust inside of it. Then can lubricate them with proper engine oil. Anti corrosive spray and liquids are good to clean the rust inside of the motorcycle cables. WD-40 like brands is good for this.

When you are visiting your motorbike mechanic remember to lubricate the following cables if they are in your motorcycle.

  • Accelerator cable. (Becomes Rusted in the cable set. Ride by Wire model not provided with this cable). Gives sudden high engine revolution when cable starts to break.
  • Clutch cable. (Can worn out at the lever end side)
  • Speedo meter cable fitted to the front wheel and the Speedo meter.
  • Front drum brake cable.
  • Seat Lock - Releasing Cable.
  • Manual choke cable

    Cable Cleaning Video.

Motorcycle Cables

Motorbike Cable Video.
Lubricating your motorcycle's throttle and clutch cable. Here

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