TVS Electric Scooter iQube.

2:31 PM 9/3/2020

TVS icube electric scooter.

TVS iQube Scooter Price.
India Price: INR 115,000/-

TVS iQube Electric Scooter will change your life style that can give you silent smooth riding without staying in the Queue for fuel any more. Just go home and plug it in the wall socket to be charged for the next day riding. In the Eco mode you will get 75Km with a single charge. If it is necessary you can get a top speed of 78Km/hour on the streets. There is the SmartXonnect that will allow you to get all the details of your e-scooter. It includes turn by turn riding route assistance to get to the place you want reach quickly.

It will provide you fantastic smoother silent ride on the streets.
Watch it regharge while you rest.
Top up your scooter on the go at TVS and other partner charge points. Use the provided APP to nearest charging point.
Hi Tech features like SmartXonnect and Q-Park assist will make your life so easy with this scooter.
Instant torque is available to pull.0 -30 km/h in just 4.2 seconds.
Get unmatched riding experience. Get cheaper cost of running. Easy to maintain the scooter.
60 Minutes of charging will provide you 15 - 20 Km range. 3 year warranty.
LED Head Lights.
Tubeless Tyre.
Q-Park allows you to move on forward and reverse on power.
Good storage space.
3 Li-Ion Battery
All LED Lamps
Convenient Charging port with Light
It weighs 118Kgs.

Available with the iQube scooter are,

1. Charging Cable and Charging adapter.
2. Free Lifetime Basic SmartXonnect.

TVS iQube Scooter Video.
Scooter Connect Android App.
TVS IQUBE Connect App for Sri Lanka.
Official website: Here

TVS Electric Scooter

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