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Motorcycle Clutch Switch.

6:01 AM 5/16/2024

Motorcycle clutch switch is functioning as a safety feature on the motorcycles that have clutch cables and levers connected to the gear box. Normally with the neutral position is mentioned then the gears are not engaged with the engine. In this condition you can start the engine by pressing the starter motor switch or through kick start. You will not be able to kick start a motorbike when the gears are in engaged position. Once any of the gears is engaged the motorcycle can't be started with starting switch as the safety switch understands that the motorcycle is not on the neutral position. Press the clutch cable lever and the gears are temporarily dis-engaged, then you can press the starter switch and can start the motorcycle. Slowly release the clutch lever the motorcycle may move or will stop if it is engaged with any of the top level gears. This is good at signals, if the engine had stopped, you don't need to change gears and come to neutral to start the engine. Just hold the clutch and start the engine with the start switch and move on with half clutch lever position. Once you got the speed slowly release the entire clutch lever back to normal.

Important: After putting your motorcycle for service, engage the clutch and pull the clutch lever and try to start the motorcycle. It should start without any problem.
If not it means the clutch safety switch is not placed correctly.
When they do servicing, they used to remove the clutch lever and then they oil the clutch cable.
When fitting the clutch lever, they may fix it incorrectly without entering the safety switch in its slot in the lever.
Tell the mechanic about the starting problem and ask him to fix it.

Motorcycle Clutch Function.

Motorcycle Clutch functions normally takes place through cable and some model's may have hydraulic system too.
This allows you to change gears according to your speed.
Sudden gear change from top gear to low gear will make your motorcycle to slow down with large noise.
Sudden gear change from LOW gear to Top gear can make your motorcycle to stop.
When going on slow speed use low gears, when you pickup more speed, then move up to other top gears.
If you are going to climb a hill, come down to low gears. Don't try to change your gear while climbing or descending a hill.
Don't run on half clutch for long distance. (High gear operation on slow speed by holding the clutch lever half-way)
If you used to run frequently, there are chances for your clutch plates to worn out.
With fully worn out clutch set, your motorcycle won't move. (Of course Engine will be running).
Replacing a Clutch plate set needs one large special tool.

Motorcycle clutch switch.

Motorcycle clutch switch plays an important role in the starting when the clutch is engaged with the engine. When the clutch is engaged this micro switch fitted in the clutch lever area protects the starter motor from starting the engine. In this position you must pull the clutch lever and in return the lever will push the micro switch in. At this point you can start the motorcycle with the help of the electric starter.

The motorcycle clutch switch will support the rider when he is waiting for the signal light. If the engine dies, then he doesn’t need to change the gear lever to get it to neutral. Just pull the clutch lever and can start the engine without any problems and can move on.


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