Motorcycle Taxes.

4:16 PM 10/16/2020

Motorcycle taxes are included in the purchase price, when you are buying a brand new motorcycle in Sri Lanka from a dealer. Usually this price will include Sri Lanka Customs local duty, VAT, Nation Building Tax and etc. If the motorcycle is above 250cc and a legal street motorbike then another import tax will apply according to the cc size of the motorbike.
Every year the motorcycle owner must obtain Green Test Certificate along with carbon tax. Then the owner must pay for the Sri Lanka Government’s Revenue License tax. Also it is compulsory to obtain a3rd party insurance coverage for the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Production and Corona Virus.
Most countries are suffering from the infection of the deadly Corona virus. This includes countries like Italy, India and Japan where motorcycle production is in high gear. But now due to the production had declined and exports too are minimized due to less labors and low supply of raw materials and low numbers of spare parts supply from their contractors.

What is the answer from the Sri Lanka Customs for these questions?

"I am employed overseas. Am I entitled to bring in a motor bicycle under my baggage allowance and clear it duty free?
What are the documentary requirements when a motor bicycle is brought in as part of personal baggage?"
Find the answers for the above questions here.

What are the requirements for a Street legal motorcycle?

The motorbike must have the following things in perfect condition.
Head light with high and low beam function switch.
Head light operation indicator light, that can be seen by the rider to show when the high beam is operating
Tail and parking light with switch for both front and rear controls and should operate for atleast 20 minutes with its battery.
Blinking turn signals to be operative on the left front and rear and right front and rear.
Rearview - Side - Mirrors for the rider to view on the left and right of his back side.
Electric Horn (Not with fancy sounds)
Standard tires for road riding (Not the ones used for motocross)
Metal Fuel tank.

Previous News.

Motorcycle taxes are collected by the Sri Lanka customs. Users and those who want to buy one for them will be happy to hear the news that the taxes on 150cc motorcycles will be reduced by 90%. It means that the scooters too will get these price reductions. Lot of young women are looking to buy a scooter at an affordable price to take their children to schools and to ride for their offices. On the other hand young school children too are asking to provide them with a small motorbike, if they had successfully passed their examinations.

People in the rural areas like to have motorcycle other than depending on private busses to do their daiy tasks. So this price reduction of 150 cc engines will make thousands of people to be happy. There is a big market for the Honda cub which is available as 90 cc and it is very popular with small traders as they believe this is their work horse. The tax reduction will give a boost to the Japanese motorcycle importers sellers and the buyers.

So you can expect to see lot of scooters and TVS heavy duty (70cc engine) to compete with the Honda Supercub and other small motorcycles in Srilanka soon. Recently with its price TVS heavy duty moped is catching the Sri Lanka market held by the Honda supercub.

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Sri Lanka Customs.

Honda Supercub


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