American Carl Reese, Record Distance in 24 Hours on A Motorcycle.

5:09 AM 6/29/2020

American Carl Reese is now holding the record for riding the longest distance on a motorcycle in 24 hours time. This was achieved on February 25th 2017 by Reese. He rode a modified BMW K1600GT to clock a distance of 2,119 miles (3,410.2 km) in 24 hours. Such previous record was held by Matthew McKelvey, for 2023.5 miles (3256.5 km) in 24 hours in the year 2014. To do this you will need courage and some assistance along with trouble free motorcycle.

How He Did The Furthest Distance On A Motorcycle?

Good support team, Modified motorcycle.  (Specially made fuel tank to hold held extra 8 gallons of fuel to keep refueling stops to a minimum). Lightweight accessories like BST carbon fiber rims, EarthX lithium battery to make less weight. His motorbike was fitted with two recording devices for monitoring the route. Clearwater Lights to the roads. Reese used to run top speed of 141 mph (226.9 km/h) when going on and maintained an average speed of 92 mph (148 km/h). By these he did achieved the target.

Racing a Motorcycle Across the US in a Record 39 Hours.

Just after 9 o'clock in the evening on August 29, 2015, a guy riding a big white BMW rolled up to the brand's Manhattan dealership on West 57th Street. A small crowd met him there with hugs, cameras, and papers to sign. The man they were there to welcome, a 47-year-old Californian named Carl Reese, had ridden 2,829 miles from Los Angeles in just 38 hours and 49 minutes. That was fast enough to sent a new record.

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Riding Across America on Electric Motorcycle.

Terry Hershner, aka Electric Terry, from California is credited for long distance electric motorcycle riding so far. He took his 2012 Zero S in December of 2012, then met with Craig Vetter and it took him to new heights. The 2012 Zero S model went in to many changes including adding chargers and batteries from the setup depending on the journey he intends to take. Terry Hershner was named as the first winner to go on electric motorcycle to win Craig Vetter’s Fuel Economy Challenge and became the first rider to ride an electric motorcycle 1,000 miles in 24 hours and it made him entry into the Iron Butt Association. Terry Hershner also rode 300 miles on a single charge at highway speeds by adding external batteries to his bike, showing what is possible with improved aerodynamics and more energy storage techniques to do it. So far Terry has added 75,000mi on his modified 2012 Zero S and has made running across the USA 3 times.