Yamaha, Sri Lanka.

6:33 AM 2/3/2021

Yamaha Scooters are not available as new ones in Sri Lanka from the year 2020. This is because Government had made a total vehicle import ban to safe guard the Sri Lanka economy that was nearly collapsed due to COVID-19 infection. Earlier the Government announced that the ban will stay for two years. There are many new scooters were announced in India and Japan. Due to this import ban Sri Lanka youths can't see them in the Yamaha Show Rooms Island wide. All those who want to buy new Yamaha scooters need to wait till the import ban is lifted by the Government. Even the imports continue to flow, the products prices may stay up as the Indian models are available with BS-VI norms and the Japanese vehicles will be available with EU 5 norms.

Yamaha used to introduce new scooters in Sri Lanka regularly through its local dealer. Their recent introduction are YAMAHA Ray ZR, Dark Night RAY-Z, RAY-ZR Drum, RAY-ZR scooter with Disc, RAY-ZR Rally, Nmax, Alpha Scooter with Drum or Disk along with Fascino scooter. Yamaha Scooter Price in Sri Lanka starts from Rs 285,000/-. In this year 2020 Corona Virus spreading in India and complying with the BS-VI norms has slowed down scooter production and sales in India. Currently there are Fascino 125 Fi, RayZR Street Rally 125 Fi and RayZR 125 Fi scooters only available in India. All the other BS-IV scooters are not manufactured in India. But in Sri Lanka BS-4 Engine fitted scooters are available for sale through the Yamaha Dealer. These models can be purchased in two methods. First one, pay full amount and get your scooter. Secondly pay the down payment and get your scooter on monthly installment plan that will continue for 36 months.

Latest Yamaha scooters are marketed as attractive and are called as kings of the road with their elegant look and power. What a scooter owner may look from her/his scooters are available in these Yamaha models. They are going to a new dimension, to meet the new trends, dynamism and added power in their scooters. Some models do 66Km/L while Disk brake and alloy wheel variants too are available. The latest models have 21 Lt of under seat storage facility.

Yamaha Ray ZR Models.

Ray ZR-Dark Night is, built exclusively for the dynamic youth of current generation. This machine is powered by an air-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-Valve 113cc "Blue Core" technology engine. So this is a good one for the office workers who used to commute between their offices and home on two wheelers. Its Disc-brake system with ABS ensures protection against slipping when brakes are applied and to protect when brakes are applied suddenly. Smartphone re-charge socket is too available in their scooters. LED Head Lamp is provided for better night time visibility.

Extra safety is added to the front section of the scooter, to cover its strong finish. It's light and ensures easy, smooth handling. Yamaha Alpha scooter is considered as the perfect family scooter as it is good for both by men and women with equal ease. Alpha uses less petrol and goes more Kilometers for each filling.

Alpha Scooter comes with the colors as Radiant Cyan, and as Marvel Black. Engine is powered with air cooled 4 Stroke system, SOHC 2 valves 113cc "Blue Core" technology engine. Digital meter System makes the scooter more beautiful. The Disc Brake available for enables safe braking power. And they come with wider foot boards.

Yamaha Scooters Video.

Yamaha: global.yamaha-motor.com

Yamaha Sri Lanka

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