Honda 250 Hornet

Motorcycles are the popular transport mode in the tropical and Asian region while some of the users take it to the motorbike racing. In America, Europe, Australia, Japan and in other countries where snow prevails, motorbikes are used as summer time vehicle for pleasure and racing sports. Most of the motorbike racing champions did come from America, Europe and Japan for superbikes. There are many kinds of motorcycles available with different mode of engine, side cars, chain driven and shaft driven. These are classed racing, commuter, cross country and desert bikes. They are driven on the street as cruiser and to climb and run downwards on the mountain roads and slopes. There are made with 50 cc engines 90 cc, 100cc, 125 cc 150cc 200cc 250cc 500cc 650 cc 750 cc 1000cc and massive power producing 5,700 cc, 6,000 cc and 8,200 cc.

These Motorbikes are made to make land speed records with the two wheel drives. There are 3 or 4 wheel motor cycles which are made for to run in the sand and another model available as all train riders. They come as Two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Two strokes need oil to be added in to the petrol tank ro to be added in the fuel line.

Large motorcycles have facility for engine cooling and engine oil cooling as they can go on long runs at high speed. Most of the small engines come with the air cooling system through the engine body fins. Large capacity motorcycles used to come with liquid cooled engines and their sump oil is too cooled through specially built radiators that will cool the oil and that will maintain the oil's viscosity.

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The motorcycles are running on two wheels. So anyone who can ride a bicycle can ride small motorcycles with the assistance of a good Instructor as they have balance to keep them on running. The beginners must use nearly all the available safety gears along with the helmet. Many people had met with accidents when they tried to run motorcycle without having the required balancing or not having any guidance on how to run a motorcycle. So first learn to ride a normal bicycles as they are light weight and easy to learn. Then go for small motorcycles with an Instructor.

All the motorbike engines have their serial numbers on them and the motorcycle frames too have their own serial numbers for chassis. All the Governments request the motor cycle’s to be registered with them. Motorbike rider and the pillion rider need to wear safety helmets that are certified for the motorcycle riders. In Sri Lanka Honda CB250F (Hornet 250) is considered as the dream motorcycle of lot of young men. Now people are looking for motorcycles with shouldered (Elevated) petrol tanks, mid-ship silencers, and beautiful graphics special exhaust sound.

Japan, America and India are the countries that are producing large scale motorcycles where Japan and America produces large sports and cruise types while India used to make commuter type and large size motorcycles for them and for the International markets. Currently in Sri Lanka, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Bajaj, Hero, TVS, Mahindra, Aprilia, Demak, KTM, Suzuki and Royal Enfield motorbikes are available for sale. Also electric motorcycles too are available for sale in Sri Lanka.

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