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Scooter Prices.

6:14 AM 6/14/2024

tvs-ntorq-Scooter price

Scooter prices can vary according to their Engine capacity and features. They are available as 90cc, 100cc, 110cc 125cc and 150cc capacity models. If the scooter is provided with Bluetooth connectivity, Disc brakes, LED Lighting and Fuel Injection system its price may go up. In India young men, girls and women prefer scooters to ride to office and Colleges. Meanwhile in India and in Sri Lanka its leg space is used for carrying goods for homes, sales, delivery and to transport children. On the technical side they are provided with disc brakes, ABS braking system, CBS or UBS braking system. Some scooter models are coming with single channel ABS braking system. always headlight on - AOH, AHO, mobile phone charger (USB) port, side stand on Engine cut-off, Dash Board connected to rider's Smartphone through scooter company.

Scooter price in Sri Lanka.

TVS Ntorq Race Edition Scooter (Brand New) Sri Lanka Price: Rs 815,000/- up to Rs 855,000/-
Honda Dio Reconditioned Scooter price in Sri Lanka: Rs 645,000/- (Free Helmet and Jacket is provided for the scooter buyer)
OKAYA Electric Scooter Price in Sri Lanka: Rs 550,000/- +

Scooty Price, Sri Lanka .

There are no brand new scooty's are available in Sri Lanka officially In the 90's 90cc scooters were very popular with the mass. Currently in this year 2024 150cc engine powered scooters are being sold in India by Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Vespa, Hero, and TVS companies. Also 125cc Scooters too are popular with the users where 100cc and 115cc Engine powered models too are available in the world market. Anyhow the scooters with ABS Braking System, Bluetooth connected through Smartphone App and USB charging facility are popular with the scooter buyers. Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Honda Dio, TVS Scooty Pep+, Hero Destini and Hero Mastero Edge are coming as Scooty ibn India. Wait for it in Sri Lanka to buy them.

Scooter Vs Scooty.

Petrol engine Scooter is Coming with changeable Gears according to the need of power. Scoters are marketed with 110 - 155cc engines.
Scooty don't have gears to change. They are coming with 85 - 95cc capacity Engine. Meanwhile in India 110cc and 125cc capacity.

Scooter's Brake system. CBS, UBS, SBS or IBS. One Lever Allows Scooter's Front and Rear Wheels to apply Brake.

  • Honda CBS - Combi Brake System.
  • Yamaha UBS. Yamaha Motors Unified Braking System is their Combined Braking System (CBS),
  • Kawasaki: K-ACT - Kawasaki Advanced Coactive-braking Technology - ABS
  • TVS SBS. TVS Motors call it as Sync Brake System.
  • Suzuki CBS. Combi-braking system (CBS).
  • Bajaj calls their combined braking system as Anti Skid Braking system (ASD)
  • Hero MotoCorp. Combined braking system or CBS is marketed as Integrated Braking System (iBS)

2024 Top Selling Scooters in India.

  1. Honda Activa Scooter
  2. TVS Jupiter
  3. Suzuki Access
  4. Honda Dio (DX, Sports and 125cc Models)
  5. TVS Ntorq
  6. Hero Pleasure
  7. Suzuki Avenis
  8. Suzuki Burgman Street
  9. Yamaha RayZR
  10. Yamaha Fascino

Sri Lanka Electric Scooter Price.

ola Electric Scooter

People are looking for electric Scooters. But due to import ban there are no eScooter availability. Currently Sri Lanka Government had allowed importing electric Motorcycles, Escooters and Ebikes. But the US$ shortages is looming up.
Popular Alfa Electric Bike company is accepting Pre-Orders for their eBikes.
2024 Alfa Kai eScooter price: Rs 396,000/- (Lead Acid Battery)
Alfa Sonic 2024 eScooter price: Rs 630,000/- (Lithium Battery)
Rise Motors, Sri Lanka. Rise Electric Scooter Price: Rs 700,000 (out of Stock)
Okinawa Ridge eScooter Price: N/A

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Sri Lanka Girls riding Scooters.


Scooter Price

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