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Girls Riding Scooter.

5:42 AM 9/5/2023

Girl Scooter Riding

Girls in the Asia region used to ride scooters mostly to commute to their work places while some of the Girls used to ride light motorcycles in the Fasr East countries. In Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam like countries girls used to ride light motorcycle and work with them as motorbike taxis. Most of these girls are not strong enough to handle larger motorcycles. So they prefer small and light weight scooters that are far less in weight when compare them with the large motorcycles and they are easy to run through the heavy city traffic. In the meantime normal scooter's ground clearance is far better than the motorbikes. It is easy for the rider to put their leg in quick time on the ground when you stop the scooter for a signal light. Also in case of accident scooter riders suffer less than the motorcycle riders. Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and in Malaysia girls used to commute to their work with these scooters. In the recent years Indian, Sri Lankan and Nepal girls too started this kind of transporting mode for to do their daily activities. Some girls ride with them to their colleges, offices, Market and to their children's schools on daily basis. In Sri Lanka women scooter riders must be very cautious when there is a Tipper Lorry is coming infront of them or coming behind of them. Because many women had met accidents with these tipper lorries even on good day light. Mostly they occur due to the careless driving of the Tipper Lorry drivers.

Important Notice to Sri Lanka Girls using scooters.
Due to current shortage of petrol supply in Sri Lanka, before to make a trip check whether you have enough fuel for the return journey.
Under QR code you will get 4 Lts of Petrol. So Before filling, decide how much you want to fill and tell to the QR code checker.
Instantly you will get SMS from 1919 about the amount of fuel you got and of the remaining amount
If the Fuel Tank is full you can't get the remaing amount in that week.
Take note that you can't carry petrol in small cans. It is against the law.
When filling petrol at petrol stations check your tank level and the meter reading constantly. This is to avoid over filling and short filling by the attendent.
If tank over flow, don't start the machine immedietly. Wait at leat 5 minutes to dry up before to start.
Never store petrol in your home as it can catch fire very easily. Lot of people are admitted to the hospitals due to fire on stored petrol cans in homes.
When in parking condition, if you smell petrol immedietly report it to your mechanic to avoid fire.

The scooter allows them not to wait forbus or three wheel transport where they have to wait for long time on the roadside.

These are the basic wearables for women riders.
Good helmet with visor, leather or strong clothe jacket, full length hand gloves, riding jeans and boots or riding shoes.
Loose clothes, Shawls and hanging clothes are dangerous to ride with as they can get in to the wheels.

Selecting Scooter for Girls?

  • Select a scooter with less weight, less seat height and width. (E-Vehicle?).
  • Scooter should be with low ground clearance.
  • For town commuting select the one with 100 - 125cc Engine. (Not a 350cc as it is heavy)
  • Scooty models used to come with 90cc Engine.
  • Combined brake system. (One lever will operate both the front and rear brakes.)
  • No need to change gears. So there is no gear lever.
  • Under seat compartment for to store helmet and bags.
  • Hooks to hang bags in the front and detachable hook in the rear.
  • Cell phone charging facility or buy it as an accessories.
  • It is better to have scooter with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • LED Headlamp with AHO.
  • Digital Head Lamps.
  • 4 in One Lock Facility.
  • Latest scooters use CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission.)
  • Good Mileage. ( Large Petrol Tank)
  • Tubeless tyre. (Won't lose air quickly, in case of rupture)
  • Service Date reminder.
  • Low maintenance cost. (Front Clip Model, like Honda Activa 6G)
  • Quick sealer can for to prevent air leak from the tyre.
  • Portable air pump for filling tyre
  • Smartphone ready to call for help with GPS on.

How to learn to ride scooter.

  • First you must learn balance and ride a two wheeler. For this learn to ride a bicycle. Important don't forget to wear safety helmet and other safety gears to protect yourself.
  • Once you are confident with the bicycle riding, then start with a small scooter with "L" board.. (50 CC is the good one)
  • Go to a driving school and get advice on how to get your driving license.
  • You must read and understand the local road rules.
  • After enough practice go for your driving license examination.
  • Don't forget, a scooter requires current year "Revenue License" and "Third party Insurance".
  • Also you must have temporary driving license or permanent driving license to ride it on public roads.

Before to leave home or Office, check for the following things (Sri Lanka).

  1. Check around to see any missing or loosen parts.
  2. Do you have enough petrol in your tank?
  3. Do turn Signals are working properly?
  4. Pass light, brake light and horn are working properly.
  5. Brake system work properly?
  6. Tyre has enough air pressure.
  7. Engine oil level is at the required level.
  8. Stands are moving free.
  9. Rear view mirrors are in perfect setting.
  10. Small bottle with water and a piece of clothe to clean any dirt on the seat.
  11. Kepp your "QR" Code copy to get Petrol.

Scooter riding Girls must observe the Following things.

  1. Get the correct class (A1 or A) license according to your Engine Size (cc) of the scooter.
  2. Always be ready to use brakes. Use both front and rear brakes together, if not CBS model.
  3. Using only front brake will throw you away from the seat. Using rear barke will only make your scooter to move side way.
  4. Never try to Brake the speed of (stop) the scooter with your legs.
  5. Keep your mechanic's phone number handy.
  6. Know the petrol filling position. Learn to open and close the filling lid perfectly.
  7. Scooter brake Pads and drive belts used to get worn out quickly.
  8. If someone is continuously honking from behind you, don't get panicked. Stop and leave him to pass.
  9. If there is enough space just go side and allow them to pass you. Don't try to look at them. Keep concentration on your driving.
  10. When stopping scooter on side stands, select places with strong ground.
  11. In case of accident, help the other party and call the police too.
  12. If somebody hit and run take a photo of the vehicle, immediately report it to the area police station with exact time and location.

    Woman’s capability in driving.

    Woman Riders Now.

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