Electric Motorcycles.

6:18 PM 8/16/2022

Electric Motorcycles are now becoming popular with the young men in India, Sri Lanka and other countries. The majority of electric motorcycles now have the capability of quickly charging their lightweight lithium-ion batteries using household electricity. Even some models have the ability to replace out batteries. There is fierce competition among the makers of electric motorcycles in the USA. Nearly all the electric battery-operated scooters come with a reversing feature to help with parking in tight spaces. Electric motorcycles and scooters are widely available for purchase in Sri Lanka. There are both adult and child models of these electric motorcycles available. The majority of these electric scooters and motorbikes were imported from China and can be recharged using standard household power. Electric scooters and motorbikes cost roughly INR 100,000 in India, and some of them are equipped with various electronic motorcycle engine sounds for the rider's and pedestrians' safety. 80–100 km of range per charge. The majority of e-bikes can be charged at public charging stations to have enough power to return home. While the majority of models are set up with overnight charging capabilities at home to get fully charged, some electric scooter models are catching fire while they are being charged and driven.The Indian government is looking at these incidents.

Sri Lanka Government is planing to allow expatriate workers to buy US$1,500 to US$ 3,000 worth of Electric motorcycle under their foreign remittance to Sri Lanka.

Advantages of an Escooter (eMotorbike).

It is not necessary to pass the annual Green test.
There is no noise and smoke.
Very little operating costs compared to a conventional motorcycle.
Recharging the battery is less than the petrol price.
Less Tax.
Have your own wind or solar or both of them for recharging.
Forget about Engine oil change, gasket checks, engine parts replacements.
Great acceleration power than the normal motorcycles.
Electric scooter does not Engine warm up.
There is no confusing Gears and gear box.
Most of the models have removable batteries that can be chargeed in your home during the night.
Some models have two batteries one on the scooter and the other charging at home.

Disadvantages of electric scooter.

When buying an electric scooter it is expensive than buying a petrol motorcycle. However, in the long term it allows you to save lot of money.
Kilometers per recharge reduced in long run.
Battery recharge time is longer than pumping petrol at sheds.
There is no sound coming from these evehicles to warn nearby people. (Some of them have artificial sound)
Buying a new battery is expensive.
Fire hazard in the battery section specially while charging it.

Sri Lanka Electric Bicycle - Rodha.
Rodha is Designed and Made in Sri Lanka
Starting Price of the RHODA is from Rs.339,000/-
you can ride it with your legs to go as much as you want to go.
Hybride Range: 60KM
Cruise: 30KM Range.
Read more here.

Sri Lanka Electric Bicycel Price Range. Rs 250,000/- up to Rs 395,000/-
Normally Brand New Ones.
35km with 4 hours Charging (Full)
25km/h Throttle mode
3 months battery and motor warranty (1500 Cycles)

Foreign country made Electric Motorcycles and Scooters are NOT available as brand new models in Sri Lanka due to vehicle import BAN that was placed in the year 2020.
Meanwhile those who have US Dollar in their bank accounts can import them with special permission from the Sri Lanka Customs.

Top USA Electric Motorcycles.
1. Harley-Davidson LiveWire
2. Zero SR
4. Vespa Elettrica
5. Energica Ego
6. Tacita T-Race Diabolika
7. Damon Hypersport Premier
8. Gogoro Smartscooter S2 Adventure
9. Alta Motors Redshift MXR
10. Brutus V9
11. Johammer J1.200
12. Lightning LS-218
13. Lightning Strike
14. Cake Kalk
15. Tarform

Kawasaki Elektrode.
Electric Balance Bike
Price in USA: US$ 1,099
This is an iconic Kawasaki vehicle for the young riders to get started on this Elektrode. Moreover it is designed and built by Kawasaki, Japan. It is provided with a powerful 250Watt in-wheel brushless electric motor with 2.5 hors of operation. In addition it got three speed modes such as Low - Midium - High with a premium Disc brake. Moreover it got parental lock too. Adjustable seat height, handlebar position, and brake lever reach.

AMO Electric Scooter.

AMO has launched a new electric scooter named Jaunty Plus at the price of Rs 110,460/-. This electric scooter can do a range of around 120 km and it takes only four hours to get fully charged.

Piaggio One Electric scooter.
It is available in 3 variants like – One, One + and One Active. This is provided with a powerful 1.2Kw - up to 2kW motor with removable battery is provided. The Piaggio One makes a top speed of 45kph. It can do a range of 55km.Their One+ can hit top speed of 55km/h and can do 100km with one single charge. The Piaggio One Active can do a top speed of 60kph with a range of 85km. Piaggio full charging in six hours.
Piaggio One features: Removable batteries, two riding modes, LED lights and USB charging. Also there is full digital instrument cluster on the scooter.

Electric cycle Important Things to Check.

Motor (Power)
Battery (One or Two)
Type of battery (Lithium ion, Sealed acid batteries, SLA batteries)
Battery life
Cable Harness

Tork Electric Motorcycle is now available in India. Check here.

Cheapest Escooter in India?
Ampere V48 Price: Rs 20,400/- , Versatile VE 45 LI Price: Rs 27,440/-
Expensive Emotorbike in India?
Joy E-bike Thunderbolt Price: Rs 280,000/-

ReVolt Electric More
RV 400 Price: Rs 118,000/-
RV Cafe Racer: Rs 1.48 Lakh

Revolt Electric Motorbike
ZERO Elec Motorbike More
ZERO DS: US$ 10,995+

Zero electric motorbike
Okinawa EScooter More
India: Rs 58,990/- up to
Rs 99,700/- (5 Models)
Sri Lanka: Rs 220,000 (2020)

Okinawa Electric Scooter
Hero Electric More
Photon HX Price: INR 71,440/-
Flash LX Price: INR 46,640/-
Total 11 Models.
Hero Electric Scooters
Ather Electric Scooter More
450 Plus Price: INR 125,490/-
450X Price: INR 1,44,500/-

Ather electric scooter
Livewire E-Motorbike More
USA Price: US$ 21,999+

Livewire electricmotorcycle
Tork Electric Bikes. More.
T6X Price: Rs 124,999/-+
Price in Europe: €24,990 +
USA Price: US$ 27,000 +
Bajaj Chetak More
Urbane Price: Rs 1 Lakh
Premium Price: Rs 115,000/-
Bajaj Chetak electric scooter
TVS iQube eScooter. More
Price: Rs 100,000/-

Top 10 India Electric Scooters Suitable For Sri Lanka.

Bajaj Chetak EV (electric scooter)
Range: 85 to 95 kilometres and a
Charging time: 5 hours.
Top speed: 78kmph.

Ather 450X (electric scooter)
Price: INR 1.26 lakh up to INR. 1.45 lakh.
Range: 70 kilometres - 85 kilometres Eco mode.
Pick up:0 to 40 km/h in 3.41 seconds.

TVS IQube (electric scooter)
Price: INR 1.00 lakh
Top speed: 78km/h.
Pick up: 0 to 40 km/h in 4.2 seconds.
Top speed: 40 km/h
The iQube comes with a 3-year or 50,000 km warranty.

Ola Electric (electric scooter)
Price: INR 85,099/-

Okinawa Ridge + (electric scooter)
Range: 84 Km
Top Speed: 45 Km/h
Charging time: 2-3 Hrs
Rated Power: 800 W

Okinawa iPraise+ (electric scooters)
Range:160-180 km
Price: INR 1.05 lakh
Charging time: 2-3 Hrs

E Pluto 7G (electric scooter)
Range: 90 km/charge

Hero Electric Optima E2
Price: INR 51,576/-
Top speed: 25 m/h -
Range: 85 km
Range: 50 km
Battery charging time: 8-10 Hrs

Hero Photon
Range: 108 Km
Top Speed: 45 Km/h
Charging: 5 Hrs

Detel EV
Price: INR 19,999/-
Top speed: 25 km/h
Range: 60 kilometres

Electric Two Wheeler Price in India for 2022.

Hero Electric - Atria
Price: Rs. 63,640
Specifications: 250 W | 85 km/charge

Ola Electric Scooter
Price: Rs. 97,700 - 1.30 Lakh
3.97 kWh battery, Maximum Range 181 km, Power 11 BHP and 58 Nm, pickup 0-60 km/h in 5 seconds.Top speed 115 km/h.

Ather 450 Plus: Rs 131,650/-
Ather 450X:
Rs 150,650/-

Simple One
Price: Rs. 1.09 Lakh
Specifications: 4500 W | 236 km/charge

Bajaj Chetak
Price: Rs. 1.15 - 1.42 Lakh
Specifications: 4080 W | 90 km/charge

TVS iQube Electric
Price: Rs. 1.08 Lakh
Specifications :4.4 kW | 75 km/charge

Hero Electric Flash
Price: Rs. 46,640 - 56,940
Specifications: 250 W | 85 km/charge

Hero Electric Optima
Price: Rs. 51,440 - 67,440
Specifications: 250 W | 122 km/charge

All the latest American and Indian Electric Motorcycles are designed to re-charge their batteries with house holed electricity. Some manufacturers offer quick charging chargers to their customers. Meanwhile some electric motorcycles and scooters are coming with battery swapping facility. Meanwhile Sri Lanka Government had stopped import of all kinds of vehicles in to the country from the year 2020 onwards. It can be lifted once the Sri Lanka economy is in good level.

Energica Electric Motorcycle.

Three models of electric motorcycles are available from them.

  • Eva
  • Ego
  • EVA EsseEsse9
  • Energica Official Website

Lightning Electric Superbike is available in the USA between the prices of US$ 38,888 up to US$ 46 889 depending on the battery capacity.
This Lightening Electric Superbike LS218 can achieve a top speed of 218 Km/h.

Lightining ls 2018

BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter Made for the city.

Official website of Lightning Electric Motorcycle. lightningmotorcycle.com


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