Revolt RV 400 Electric Motorbike.

Revolt RV 400

Revolt RV 400 Price.
India: Rs 100,000/-
RV 300: Rs 85,000/-

Revolt RV 400 Electric Motorbike (EV sector) is now available in India. Many people say this is a game changer in the motorcycle industry where simple rechargeable electric motorcycles nay replace the traditional petrol engine based motorcycles in the future. Earlier it was difficult for the electric motorbike with their large batteries and heavy components. Now the time had changed and the low weight lithium-ion battery along with other components with reduced weight makes the electric motorbike to be a reality. The bike features battery swap, LED Head Lamp, Quick charging from the home electricity connection that can give 150 Km range for a single charge.

Many people may wonder how this bike will sound. Actually the electric motor won’t give out sound like a real motorcycle’s exhaust sound. But it is provided with 4 numbers of sounds such as Revolt, Roar, Race and Rebel, and the rider can select the desired sound for thief ride.

Revolt RV 400 Electric Motorbike can go up to 156 Km with a single charge and can catch a top speed of 85Km/h which is of the traditional 110 motorcycle’s top speed. Furthermore keyless start from the tank or through your Smartphone using the Revolt App. The electric motorbike company claims that is AI helps this electric bike through their App. You can select either Rebel Red or Cosmic Black color model for you from the showroom.

So having this Revolt RV 400 Electric Motorbike will move you away from carburetor, oil, filters, gear shift, emission standard and other unexpected problems that may occur with the traditional petrol motorcycles.

Revolt RV Mobile Apps Features.
Find my motorbike.
Remote start function.
Selectable exhaust sound function.
Geo-fencing with theft protection.
ECU updates through OTA through Airtel 4G SIM Card.
Real time battery consumption, range, distance travelled, time taken, and many more

Revolt RV400 Electric Motorbike

Ather 450 Electric Scooter.

Revolt Video.
Hear Revolt RV 400 Exhaust Sounds.

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