Yamaha Motorcycle Price.


Yamaha motorbike prices and their details are available here. Yamaha Bikes are being sold by Yamaha Sri Lanka Dealer all over the Island. Yamaha motorbikes are popular with the local young people after the introduction of Yamaha Fazer and FZ models. The reason lays on its aggressive Design, shouldered tank, mid-ship muffler and its power. Yamaha motorbikes specially those FZ bikes are coming with attractive colors, design, LED Lighting, Digital console, midship Muffler and performance. FZ model's racing Blue is another attractive thing in the Yamaha motorbikes. Yamaha Bikes offer options like fuel Injection (FI), Front Disc Brake, Rear Drum brakes, Front and rear disk brakes, ABS versions, oil cooling, Liquid too are available. ABS Models means anti-lock braking system, provided models. EFI means Electronic Fuel Injection. (With 6 Sensors) are other important features. There are many more models available as the 2019 models. Owners must go for full Insurance coverage for their motorbikes.

Latest Yamaha Bikes in India 2019.

Most of the latest Yamaha bike models in India are coming as version 3.0 to meet the BS-IV compliant along with CBS or ABS braking system to meet the latest regulations. So the motorbike prices may go up with the fitting of Fuel Injection and new braking system. But they will give protection for the environment and safety for the rider.

Difference between Fazer and FZ Models?

Both Fazer and FZ are the same motorbikes, with same power and performance. Except Fazer Model comes with Semi-faired styling and visor above head lamp.
Fazer models may have more color selction than the FZ version.

Yamaha Motorbikes in Sri Lanka 2019.

R3, YZF R15 VER 3.0, Fazer Ver 2.0, FZ-S Ver 2.0, FZ-S Rear Disk, FZ-16 Ver 2.0, FZ-25 and Saluto Disc Brake.
Yamaha Scooters in Sri Lanka 2019: RAY-Z, RAY-ZR Drum /Disk / Rally, Alpha Drum / Disc and Fascino
Some models are available as Version 2.0, Version 3.0, with Front Disk Brake, with Front and Rear Disc Brakes, Single or Dual Tone Color with or without FI..
FI Means it is not a Carburetor fitted model for the fuel system.
Yamaha Super Motorbikes in India: YZF- R1 and MT-09

Yamaha Standard Warranty: 24 Months or 30,000 Km (whichever comes first). Currently there are 8 Yamaha model motorcycles available from dealer as brand new. 7 Models of Yamaha Scooters too are available from the dealer as brand new.

Prices may change without notice. - Check Yamaha Motorbike price list in India here.

Yamaha FZ More
Sri Lanka: Rs. 439,000/-
Yamaha FZ

Yamaha R15 V3.0 More
Sri Lanka: Rs. 546,900/-
Yamaha R15 V 2.0

Yamaha FZS V3.0 More
Yamaha FZS V2.0 More

Yamaha FZs V2.0

Yamaha R15 2.0 More
Sri Lanka: Rs. 541,500/-
Yamaha R15 V 2.0

Yamaha R15S More
India: Rs 1,17,596
Yamaha R15 V 2.0

Yamaha Saluto 125 More
Sri Lanka: Rs. 269,900/-
India: Rs 52,000

Yamaha Saluto 125

Yamaha FZ FI Ver 3.0 More
Yamaha FZ FI Ver 2.0 More

Yamaha FZ FI V2.0

FZ-S FI V2.0 More
Sri Lanka: Rs. 424,900/- +
India: Rs 80,000

FZ-S V2.0 (F1)

Yamaha FZ25 More Sri Lanka: Rs. 727,900/-
India: Rs 127,000/-
Nepal: Rs 3,54,900/-

Yamaha FZ250

Fazer Ver 2.0 150CC

Sri Lanka: Rs. 459,900/-
Yamaha Fazer Version 2 - 150 cc

FZ 16 Ver 2.0 More

Sri Lanka: Rs 408,900/-
Yamaha FZ 16 Version 2 - 150 cc

Alpha - Disc

Triple Meter: Rs 249,900/-
Yamaha Alpha single tone - 113cc

FZ-S FI Ver 2.0
Single Tone: Rs 424,900/-
Two Tone: Rs 438,900/-

Rear Disc: Rs 442,900
Yamaha FZ - S Version 2 (Single Tone) - 150 cc

Fascino - Scooter

Sri Lanka: Rs. 250,900/-
Yamaha Fascino - 113cc

Yamaha R3 YZF More

Sri Lanka: Rs 997,900/-
Yamaha YZF R3

Yamaha Ray ZR More

Sri Lanka - Drum: Rs 251,900/-
Disk: Rs 262,900/-

DarKnight: Rs 266,900/-
Yamaha Ray ZR

Ray ZR – Street

Price in Sri Lanka:
Disk brake: Rs. 267,900/-
Drum brake: Rs 253,900/-

Yamaha Ray ZR – Disk Brake - 113cc

Yamaha Alpha More

Sri Lanka: Rs 226,000/-
Disc Version: Rs 250,900/-
India: Rs 49,939
Yamaha Alpha

Ray ZR Street Rally Disc
Sri Lanka: Rs. 269,900/-
Yamaha Ray ZR

Facino Scooter More

Sri Lanka: Rs 250,900/-
Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha FZ-16
Sri Lanka: Rs 394,900/-
Yamaha FZ-16

Ray ZR -Disk Street Rally
Sri Lanka price: Rs.278,900
Yamaha Ray Z Scooter

Yamaha Ray Z Scooter. More
Sri Lanka: Rs 251,900/-
Yamaha Ray Z Scooter

Ray ZR -Disk Dark Night
Sri Lanka: Rs.272,900/-
Yamaha Ray Z Scooter

Yamaha MT15 More

India INR 1,36,000+
Sri Lanka LKR 390,000/-

Yamaha MT15

New Motorcycle Registration Fee in Sri Lanka.
Normal Registration: Rs 5,500/-
Mortgage Registration: Rs 5,700/-
Leasing Registration: Rs 7,500/-

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