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Livewire One E-Bike.

6:57 AM 3/26/2024

Livewire Electric motorcycle

Livewire One Price.
USA Price: US$ 22,799+
India Price: Rs 16.5 Lakh
S2 DEL Mar: $ 15,499

Harley Davidson is the American motorcycle Manufacturer and they had provided the Livewire Electric motorcycle to the world. Now the Harley Davidson has made it as a separate company for the LiveWire brand E-motorcycle dedicated to electric Two Wheelers. In addition their latest bike will come in two colors and will not carry the popular Harley Davidson Logo on it. This legendry motorcycle maker did presented this model after so much tests and modification. The result, it can catch from 0-97km/h in three seconds and its top speed is . The Bike is provided with high voltage battery for long distance running. You can ride up to 146 miles (235 km) in the city range while it can do 95 miles (152km) on the highway with stop and go. Already this motorcycle had been displayed in many motor shows throughout the world.

As per the Harley Davidson Company the Live wire electric version is now available in the USA. This LiveWire ONE is provided with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, added is cornering ABS, traction control, Drag-Torque Slip and Control System. There is four riding modessuch as Sport, Road, Range, and Rain. In the front Suspension Showa's SFF-BP forks are provided and a mono shock unit is provided on the rear end. In the USA Livewire One model buyers can get Federal Tax Credit of $2,200 when they purchase one of this Motorcycle.

LiveWire, Harley-Davidson’s electric division, has announced the specs of its S2 Del Mar e-motorcycle is priced at $15,499.
S2 Del Mar can go from 0 to 60 mph under 3.0 seconds, and got a top speed of 103 mph and 84 horsepower (63 kW) and got 113-mile city range.

Electric Balance Bike.
Brushless Iron e16 Price: US$ 1,049
Iron e12 Price: US$ 799

Livewire the electric motorcycle from Harley Davidson and it is now available for pre-order while it will be officially launched by July 2021 in the USA. A newly released H-D Connect Service will reveal all the related aspects of the motorcycle. It comes with split-style seat and the LiveWire ONE draws power from a 15.4kWh battery. Its top speed is 177km/h. Range: 146/95 City/Combined
This Livewire motorbike is best suited for Americans, Europeans, Australians and the Japanese people.
It is expected to be available in India soon at around INR 17.00 lakh

Suggested Price of Live Wire in Sri Lanka.
Price: Rs 10,700,000/-

New Record By LiveWire.
The all new Harley-Davidson LiveWire motorcycle offers rapid acceleration with . No clutch work or gear shifting is required and it uses an electric drive train. So it can do a speed of 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 mph) in 3 seconds and 100 to 129 km/h in 1.9 seconds. On a drag racing course, three time Pro Stock Motorcycle champion, Angelle Sampey started her Harley-Davidson FXDR Pro Stock competition motorcycle to pilot the LiveWire bike to capture world record-breaking runs. First the quarter mile was ran and then the eighth-mile was ran by her. She covered the eighth-mile distance in 7.017-seconds and the full quarter-mile course in just 11.156 seconds at 110.35 mph. LiveWire motorcycle’s top speed is 110 mph as per the manufacturer.

LiveWire Electric Motorcycle Offers

  • Aggressive riding position
  • Mid-mount foot controls
  • Passenger seat
  • Tall
  • H-D Connect compatible
  • RDRS standard

Easy Methods to Charge the Bike.
1. Use the onboard Level 1 charger and power cord to connect to any of the household outlet. It can give you full charge overnight (11 hours).
2. For a quick charging, go to a public Fast Charge station to get 0 - 80% charge in 40 minutes or 100% charge in an hour.

Livewire E-Motorbike Specifications.

  • 4.3-inch TFT touchscreen console
  • High Voltage Battery: lithium-ion cells
  • Battery Casing: Finned cast-aluminum body.
  • Riding Modes: 7
  • 17-inch, 5-spoke cast aluminium wheels.
  • Pre-programmed modes: Sport, Road, Range, and Rain, 3 more Modes as per the rider
  • System: Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS)
  • System Control: ABS, Traction Control, Drag Torque Slip, Electronic Controls and Hydraulics.
  • Disc Brakes: On Front and Rear wheels
  • Clutch: NO
  • Gears: NO
  • Battery Charging: Home Connectable onboard Level 1 charger.
  • Public DC Charging: 80% - 40 minutes. 100% - One Hour.
  • Mobile Connection: Harley-Davidson App. Rider can check bike battery charge status, location on a map. Get security alerts if it’s been bumped, tampered with or moved.

Colors: Vivid Black | Yellow Fuse | Orange Fuse

Harley Davidson Electric Livewire

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Electric Motorcycle test ride video (

Harley-Davidson has resumed production of the LiveWire.


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