Motorcycle Care.

7:08 AM 7/10/2022

Motorcycle care should be carried out by its owners according to their owner’s manual. This will applies to the scooters owners too. Now Smartphone Apps are provided by many motorcycle and scooter producers for the benefit of their product owners. They used to notify when the next service date is going to come. Most Sri Lanka motorcycle and scooter owners are young working class people and they always depend on their motorcycle for commuting. Many people don't care about its maintenance schedule and some of them end up in broken motorbike on the middle of the road.. There are some high class young men who used to ride high powered motorcycles that are specially imported from Japan, Italy and India for their fun riding. Office going youngsters and field workers don't have enough time to look after their machines. But the service and maintenance is a must. The brand new motorcycles and scooters used to carry free services from the dealer up to 4 services. So go for it and save lot of money from the unwanted break downs. First of all keep a copy of your Motorbike or Scooter's Owner's manual and read it carefully. Latest motorcycles and Scooters with Bluetooth connectivity function used to provide the owner with the next Engine Service Date.

First read the owner’s manual and check which things you have to renew, clean and lubricate.

  • Check the engine oil level in the sump (For 4 stroke Engines). Change Engine oil and oil filter according to its km or months.
  • Clean the air filter or replace it with a new one.
  • Lubricate the clutch and accelerator cables.
  • Check for slackness in the drive chain and tighten it if necessary. Time to time lubricate it.
  • Large motorcycles used to have greasing points. Ask the mechanic to grease them.
  • Open the battery compartment and see if the battery and the area are looking clean
  • Front Brakes and rear brakes should be checked for wear and tear and should be adjusted if necessary.
  • If the motorcycle uses cooling liquid, check for any leakage and keep the level of the liquid as recommended
  • Check the hydraulic brake fluid level.

    For the latest model Motorcycles, these all should be checked by specially trained technicians to solve the issues.
  • Fuel Injection system
  • ABS Braking System or CBS Braking system
  • Engine warning Lights on the panel..
  • USD - Up side Forks.

Most young people used to fill the tank with enough petrol and get going on. They don't care about the engine oil level, dust blocked air filters, slackened drive chains, Hydraulic brake oil level or the worn out brake shoe. They must look after those machines' condition before they get sudden stops on the road. There are some people who had end up with seized motorcycle engines as they didn't check their lubricant level in their motorcycles. And the repair cost may goes up to Rs 50,000 in Sri Lanka. Give some attention to your machine and its parts not only for the safety of yourself but also for the safety of your friend who used to sit on the pillion and for the people who are using the public roads. Time to time give your motorcycle to your mechanic and ask him to check whether every things are in normal condition. If not quickly make the necessary repairs.

Under this topic we are going to discuss some of the important points of the motorcycle that can give you troubles, if you don't take care. Many things can be done by you if you are good with tools. Read more here.



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