Royal Enfield Motorcycle.

7:30 AM 4/17/2020

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield motorcycles are very popular in India. These models are being produced for the India and the world market. This brand is now available in the USA too. In India people look this motorcycle as American Harley Davidson bikes. It gives them pride to have one and ride a. Royal Enfield motorcycle for the Indian people. They admire its power, sound and its shining parts. Nearly all parts of the towns and villages in India used to have motorcycle mechanic shops for the Royal Enfield while the company provides perfect after sales service throughout India. After the introduction of Japanese motorbikes and Italian motorcycles its sales had little declined. Not for the for the foreign motorbike's quality but for their cheap price. Royal Enfield is strong and it is provided with ABS and other quality accessories and its price is little higher due to these. On the India's Independence day festival you will see these motorcycles flying the tri color flag and parading all over the cities and villages.

In Sri Lanka too many models of Royal Enfield motorcycles are available for sale as brand new one. Many motorcycle renting companies provide these bikes to visiting tourist on daily rental basis to travel around Sri Lanka. Likewise in India too many companies offer Himalayan range bottom riding experience for the tourists. Indians living in Kuwait and Qatar like countries are following the prices of these motorbikes as they want to purchase one for them on their arrival back home.

The original company was started 1901 in Enfield in England. In 1955 the company came to India and in 1962 it started to produce the fabulous 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle totally in India. And from there on the company is going strong with its customer’s base. Around 10 models are being produced by the India Royal Enfield motorbike company.

Royal Enfield Two Wheelers are manufactured in India and it is available in USA too.
Recently some New Models too were introduced in to the market.

  • Royal Enfield Classic 350 INR 1.46 lakh+
  • Bullet 350 INR 1.22 lakh+
  • Thunderbird 350X INR 1.64 lakh+
  • Himalayan INR 1.81 lakh+
  • Interceptor 650 INR 2.51+
  • Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 INR 1.57+
  • Classic 500 INR 2.02 lakh+
  • Continental GT 650 INR 2.66 lakh+
  • Royal Enfield Bullet 500 INR 1.89 lakh+
  • Thunderbird 500X INR 2.15 lakh+
  • Thunderbird 500 INR Rs. 2.07 lakh+
  • Bullet Trials 350 INR 1.63 lakh+
  • Bullet Trials 500 INR 2.08 lakh+
  • 2020 Royal Enfield Classic 350 INR Rs. 1.70 lakh+
  • 2020 Thunderbird 350X INR Rs. 1.85 lakh+
  • Coming Soon Thunderbird 350 INR 1.85 lakh+
  • Royal Enfield Meteor INR 2.30 lakh+

Royal Enfield 650

Royal Enfield Bullet X 350 Motorcycle. 2020 Video.

Source Royal Enfield.


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