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Repairing hole in Petrol Tank.

11:49 AM 2/4/2024

Repairing hole in petrol tank or a crack is not a simple task for the motorcycle owner. The liquid petrol and its gas can catch fire easily and can make injuries to you and the near by people too. Don't take this leak as a simple matter. In the motorcycles there are two kinds of petrol tanks are available, which are also called as fuel tanks. They can be either a metal or plastic petrol tank. Choose the correct method to repair the fuel tank according to its material. In this year 2024 Sri Lanka is slowly increasing the imports of foreign products.

So new petrol tanks are bought here. Repairing a petrol tank cost too had gone up in Colombo. In most of the developed countries when motorcycle users find defect in their petrol tank they simply go for a new one. In the mean time third world countries like Sri lanka the owner try to repair the petrol tank at any cost.

How to repair a hole in the Fuel tank of a motorcycle is described here. First of all it is your life to secure from a leaking motorcycle petrol tank, as it can catch fire easily. First thing is to replace it with a new petrol tank. Or replace it with an old one. It is dangerous to ride on a motorcycle with petrol leaking tank as it can catch fire any time and can make serious injuries to you. So, if you detect a small hole on your petrol tank immediately stop the motorbike. Then close the fuel valve and remove the fuel hose, remove the tanks' safety clip and slowly lift the petrol tank and remove the electric tank level detector under it. If everything is ok, then lift the tank from the mount and place on a safe position to minimize the leakage. Empty the petrol and put it in a safe bottle or tank and close it securely. Now remove the two bolts holding the petrol tank's supply tube. Now clean empty the tank as much as possible. First choice is to take the tank to a Gas welding work shop and ask them to weld the hole after cleaning the Gas tank. If you are on hurry and staying in a remote area, then you can try to fix it yourself for to continue the journey.


Do the repair works in well ventilated areas. Like places where there is no naked fire or heat source is not available.

  • Buy a pack of Multibond Steel Proxy. (4 minutes pack.)
  • Keep open the petrol tank lid and the fuel valve for ventilation.
  • Locate the hole on the petrol Tank.
  • Clean the area around the hole with sand paper and then clean it with a cloth to remove dirt and dust.
  • Mix content of both tubes thoroughly.
  • Quickly apply the mixed paste on the hole.
  • Allow 10 minutes for the paste to dry.
  • Now you are ready to fit back it tank in its position and can go on riding.

Epoxy Adhesive (Araldite) is also used in Sri Lanka to repair leaking motorcycle Petrol Tank.
Clean the area well first.
Then fill the area with it.
Allow atleast 10 minutes for the epoxy to settle well.


Repair Leaking Gas Tank. Video.

Do it yourself.

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