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Motorbike Starting Problem.

7:28 AM 4/3/2024

motorcycle starting trouble

Motorbike starting trouble and Scooter Starting Trouble may occur during cold mornings and during rainy days. Other than this mechanical and electrical malfunctions too may cause starting problems. Your motorcycle is your best friend and you must pay full attention to its sound, moving parts and must check, if there are any unwanted noises, smell or leaking oil. Check for abnormal vibration, exhaust smoke and other things that are noticeable from your motorbike. If you don't rectify it immediately, you may get stuck on the road due to the troubles that you didn't take care of. Timely service and the other necessary maintenance should be carried out when the due dates comes for them. If everything is in perfect condition it will give you trouble less running with less fuel consumption. Before to start your motorcycle in the morning, look around for any leakage from it. Leaks may come from engine casing, petrol tank, cooling liquid, oil from the disc brake system or overflowing battery liquid. If you find any of these give your quick attention for it and try to fix it. It is necessary to check the bike’s oil level in the sump, hydraulic brake oil level and if have liquid cooling system then check the liquid level too.

Main Cause of Starting Problem.
Petrol Level in Tank
Blocked Petrol Line
Drained Battery
Broken wires
Faulty Spark Plugs

Kick Start working but Self Start not working.

If above is the problem then check the battery points are tightly connected.
Loose battery pole connection can cause the self-start problem in Motorcycles and Scooters.
Specially after removing and Fitting an old or new battery.

When a large motorcycle is not starting check the dash board for any visible warning, specially its battery power level.
Petrol in the Tank should be in normal level.
Check for blown fuses in the electric system.
Latest model Motorcycles are provided with a safety feature on their side stands. If the side stand is on the ground, its Engine won't start.
Press the Horn Button and listen to its sound level. Horn sounds good then the problem is with the fuses or with the starter motor.
Not enough voltage or battery symbol is displayed in red color warning, charge the battery or replace it with a new one.
Also check whether the battery is being charged when the engine is running, if the bike is provided with battery charge indicator.
Sometime Starter Motor may need to be replaced with new set of "Carbon Brushes" as the older one may have worn out.

Check oil level and petrol level to be normal
Motorbike gear should be in neutral position.
Switch on the ignition switch with its key or kick start it.
If the motorcycle is provided with a choke, pull it to on position and start the engine.
Some Motorbike models are provided with Auto Choke.

First start in the morning of a well tuned large motorcycle's exhaust will provide water traces through the exhaust pipe. It doesn’t need for all the motorcycles to produce water traces through it in the morning start.

If the motorbike is provided with Auto-choke, there is nothing for you to worry about it. When starting in a cold morning, it will automatically reduce the air flow and increase the fuel mixture. Once the engine is in good running condition, it will automatically go to normal position by cutting the power to the solenoid.

  • Check the spark plugs are connected perfectly.
  • Give kick start; don't use your electric starter in the morning for the first start.
  • The engine should start smoothly and after 15 seconds switch off the CHOKE and use the bike in normal conditions.
  • When the motorbike fails to start, check the following things.
  • Open the petrol tank lid and check the level of the petrol. If it is not enough to be in normal amount turn the petrol cock to the reserve tank position.
  • Even at this position the engine doesn't start. Turn off the switch. Remove all naked flames in the vicinity and turn the petrol cock to stop position. Take out the rubber hose between the cock and carburetor. Then turn the petrol cock ON to reserve position. The petrol should flow out freely.
    If not, close it and open the line filter of the petrol cock under it to see for any block.
  • When indicator lights are not lighting, check for blown fuses and replace them. Check the oil level in the sump. Then try to start with kicks.
  • Fuses are under the seat and on the left side of the cover.
  • Then try to start with kicks.
  • May be your carburetor is full of petrol. Close the supply valve and drain some of it through the drain screw. Then start it.
  • New motorcycles and Scooters are provided with side stand on Engine Cut off Switch. This too can malfunction and prevent your machine from starting.

No progress, wait little time and do the following thing.

  • Remove the spark plug and clean them and check their condition. If good fit it in place and proceed with the starting. Faulty clutch switch too can prevent start. Even it is not starting it needs attention to check its power supply to the spark plugs. Remove the spark plug and fit in the holder. Get a plastic clothe hanger and hold the spark plug near to the engine and start the engine and see if good spark is passing from the plug to the engine.
  • If power is not coming to the spark Plug, then you need to replace the CDI Unit of your Motorbike.
  • Turn Signals are not working while the engine running? If only one is not functioning, replace it with a new one.
  • If all four are not working, then the Flasher unit is burnt. Replace it with new one.
  • If the bike was exposed to rain or water wash, then the water may have leaked in to the staring unit in the handle bar and can make short circuit and it can prevent starting.

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