Motorbike Tyre Care.

New motorcycle can be selected with tubeless tyre or with tyre and tube (standard). Tubeless tyre is little expensive than the standard tube and tyre. Most of the brand new motorbikes that are coming with alloy wheels used to have tubeless tyre. Also motorcycle riders prefer wide tubeless tyre for good braking power. All ways fill air according to the recommended pressure by the motorcycle manufacturer. The details can be seen in the chain cover or near to it. Also you can refer to the motorcycle user guide.
Recommended amount of air pressure in the tyre will give you fuel efficiency will save you money on fuel expenses.

How the Tubeless tyre helps the riders?

  • Safe riding on it as less chance for accidents due to sudden air leakage. In this tyre, the air will leak slowly.
  • Light weight due to the absence of tube thus the fuel usage is less.
  • As the air is in direct contact with the rim, it provides good heat dissipation
  • No unbalance due to tube.

  • You can repair a puncture with the tubeless tyre repair kit.
  • But after prolonged usage of this tyre, riders can experience air leak again at the old point.
  • For perfect tubeless tyre puncture repair, ask your tyre service man to put compound on it.
  • They will remove the old filler and will provide heat treatment with the compound piece.
Tubeless Tyre

If you had a patch on a tube, be aware running at high speed for some hours will give the chance for air leak from that place due to heat produced by the tyre.
If you travel long distance, then don't use patched tube. Instead replace it with a new one.
When repairing the front tyre of a motorcycle with Disc Brake, stay there with the repairman. Some stupid people may hit the Hydraulic Braking system, when putting back the tyre.

When running on newly laid roads, be careful as the oil on the surface may not help you to sudden brake. It will also slippery at the bends and you may skid from the road.
If happened to see a nail or sharp object stuck in the tyre, don't try to remove it, when air pressure is there. First reduce the air pressure and then try to remove it.

How to patch a tubeless motorcycle tire?

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