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Motorcycle Fuel Tank

8:07 AM 9/12/2023

Motorcycle Fuel tanks are now being sold at high price in Sri Lanka. Because there is no fuel tank import from manufacturing countries. Be careful a leaking fuel tank can catch fire very easily. Fuel Tank is the petrol provider through its stop valve that is connected to the carburetor and to the FI system of the motorbikes. Most of the motorbike stop valves can function as normal flow, reserve level and to stop petrol flow at its stop position. When the fuel is at its low level the user can turn the valve positioned to the reserve position. Also the valve can be turned to stop position, Normal flow position and to reserve flow position. Most of the motorbike riders don't know about this valve and its positions. Also take note the valve fitted on the left side of the tank does have a fine filter too. A rusted fuel tank can send tiny dust particles in to the fuel flow, although the filter in side of the fuel cock will collect them. If lot of rusted particles is collected in the filter, the flow of petrol can be blocked and the motorcycle will stop on the middle of the road. Rider must carefully remove the filter along with the small rubber "O" ring. Need to clean the small plastic filter and fix it back in position. Here are some notes on it for your protection, smooth operation and to save money on repairs and replacements. Also there is a floater ball switch in side of the tank that will provide the level of the petrol level through the fuel indicator. A sensor switch in the Fuel Tank will give the level of the fuel in the display panel.

People in Sri Lanka use "Araldite Rapid" epoxy adhesive to close holes and rapture on their motorcycle Petrol Tanks. It is priced around Rs 900 up to Rs 2,400/- from the local Hardware shops.

In case of the petrol is oozing around the fuel cock under the petrol tank. Then take it to the mechanic and ask him to change the rubber packing between the fuel cock and the petrol tank.

New Motorbike Fuel Tanks are in short supply in Sri Lanka. Due to Sri Lanka Government's import restrictions.So the owners need to repair it or to stop using their Two Wheelers. In the meantime check for the second hand (Used) Petrol Tanks in the Maradana area.
But we don't recommend using used Petrol Tanks for the rider's safety.

When going to fill your tank at the petrol station, switch off your engine and then open the fuel cap. Once it is securely closed only start your engine.
Never fill the tank up to the top mouth level to prevent expanded gas from making explosion of the tanks.
Always fill the same quantity of fuel in to the tank. This will prevent corrosion.

Fuel Valve

Whenever you visit your mechanic ask him to drain the carburetor. If found any water trace in it, remove and clean the petrol tank.
Otherwise your tank walls will get rusted and can get ruptures at the metal joining points.
Getting petrol smell near your motorbike, then run your hand on the bottom sides of the tank for oozing petrol.
If, found any petrol oozing from the tank, immediately replace the tank with a new one.
Or can repair it through professional repair personal. Otherwise it can catch fire in this leaking condition from nearby sparks or open flame points or from the heat of the running engine..
Some motorbike riders had felled as victims from the leaking tanks catching fire while they are riding it..
Also overfilling too can cause the fuel tank to catch fire. Most of the Indian and Japanese Motorcycle tanks are made with thin metal sheets while the motocross petrol tanks are made with hard plastic.

Clearly understand the positions of your motorbike's fuel lever (Fuel Strainer) that is fitted on the tank where there are three positions for it.

  1. Normal flow position.
  2. Flow position from the reserve limit.
  3. Stop position.
Fuel Valve

Fuel Valve of Petrol Tanks.

Most of the motorcycles are fitted with a small fuel filter in the fuel valve assembly.
Whenever going for to service your motorcycle, ask the mechanic to clean this mesh filter (screen) and the cup too.
While riding motorcycle with enough petrol in the tank, if you don't get petrol to the engine, first check for clogged fuel valve cup and plastic mesh plate.
New Motorcycle fuel tank price in Sri Lanka is around Rs. 20,000/- - Rs. 25,000/-

Motorcycle Tank Repair Video.

Motorbike Gas Tanks.

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